Who am I? Why am I here?

Joshua Lewis is just a guy. He has no particular expertise or authority beyond that of anybody else you might meet. Nevertheless, modern technology allows him to publish his thoughts and feelings as though they have especial value. In case you have been thinking, “My goodness, the real problem with society today is that there aren’t nearly enough random voices telling you their every little thought and feeling as though it must be recorded for the benefit of future generations,” then let me welcome you to yet another one of those voices. You will be especially pleased if you’re really feeling the lack of white guys in their 30s with beards and glasses. What do they think of comic-book movies and video games? you think to yourself in the quiet of your bed, sometimes. How could we possibly know?

This blog contains no sharing buttons, because everyone hates them. If you feel like sharing something you might have to load a whole separate tab in your browser to do that. Try not to overstrain yourself.


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